steel rectangular tube

Time: 2019-12-17
Summary: Carbon steel surface double - sided explosion composite stainless steel rectangular tube products
In view of the gradual expansion of the market demand for corrosion resistant materials and various limitations of existing materials.Tianjin Yuantai group joint third-party research and development strength, the recent breakthrough in the research and development of new materials with anti-corrosion subject, introduced a carbon steel surface double torque tube explosion composite stainless steel material products, the material on the surface, carbon steel, low alloy steel by double explosion, rolling technology of composite stainless steel materials, both can keep the toughness of the carbon steel and stainless steel can achieve anticorrosive ability, at the same time and pure stainless steel material price is 25% lower than the material cost, on the premise of guarantee the corrosion, the steel structure design using steel weight can reduce about 15%, the economic effect is remarkable.

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